IMHS is a serius player for taking a social responsibility. Not just in Denmark but also in the third world. Thats why IMHS is supporting Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone in West Africa.




Welcome to the world of IMHS
Internation Mobile Health Service

IMHS is an international company who provides mobile health service around the world. We are specialized in healthcare sulutions, hospitals treatments and other health services.

We offer complete turnkey solutions ranging from specialist units, such as emergency, surgeons, anastesiologist, gynaecologist, GP´s, nurses to name a few.

We are suporting contries by offering mobile health services building up by containers.

- We can work under difficult conditions
- Skilled staff on site
- Provides GP's and consultations world wide

If you have any quistions you are welcome to contact us.

Phone: +45 22 76 09 80

E-mail: info@imhs.dk